There are four gods, each has its own portfolio of things they do, there are some clues in the titles used with their names, lore, the art of some unique items, and the various blessings and curses they use. Blessings and curses only affect your current body. Test with blessing/cursing the Imp and then possessing/depossessing.

Gods like and hate certain items and types of creatures that have to do with their portfolio. Gods have both a light and a dark aspect, shrines are visibly dedicated to either one of these.

Desecration Edit

Gods don't approve of their shrines being vandalized (hitting ANY items) provoking "A chill envelops you." message. Be careful when fighting in a shrine with Hell Rat aspect, as your passive counter can destroy shrine objects, angering the gods. After desecrating a god's shrine twice, they will send their champion monster after you. The monster can't be possessed, and drops a Minor Icon of that god when killed - using it will cause god to bestow current body with the god's minor blessing.

Gods Edit

Stack Edit

Champion: Some kind of super-reaper.

Minor Blessing: Precision Engineering: Item attribute bonuses increased by 10%. OR Item Grandmaster: Mastery of all item types.

Stack the maker (light): Edit

  • ·Giving non magic armor or shield turns all curse effects on other gear into bonuses
    • May instead bestow Stack's minor blessing.        
  • Two-Handed Sword (Common) as Imp gave a curse (Entropy: Stack's curse has eroded your equipment's attribute bonuses by 20%). Two-Handed Axe (Epic) had the same result. Weapons may be insulting to Stack the Maker.
  • Shield (Common) as Skeleton gave a blessing (Precision Engineering: Stack has blessed you with precision engineering, item attribute bonuses are increased by 10%)
  • Minor icon of fabrication gives the blessing Retaliation (for every 1% away from max health +0.2% damage)

Stack the volatile (dark): Edit

  • Green Axe as Merchant - Curse        
  • I gave a dagger and got cursed.        
  • Wand as a Larva gave a curse (Entropy: Stack's curse has eroded your equipment's attribute bonuses by 20%)        
  • Tome as a Cultist gave Entropy curse        
  • Rare staff as a skeleton gave Entropy curse        

Ravinder Edit

Champion: Appears to be a Reaper, dropped Minor Icon. Appears to be Wraith, dropped Major Icon.

Major Icon: Major Icon of Occultism, grants Phylactery (allows you to come back from death with full health, mana, and stamina once)

Minor icon: Minor Icon of Occultism, grants Void Touch (+10% damage to humanoids and beasts)

Ravinder the scholar (light): Edit

  • ·Identification scroll as an aether bat curses
  • spellbook as imp: All items (in inventory) have been identified by Ravinder's blessing.
  • spellbook (Zap, 1 charge) as skeleton: Void Touch (+10% damage to humanoids and beasts)
  • Spellbook (Heart Strike) as Imp: All items have been identified by Ravinder's blessing.
  • Tome as a magic bat curses with forsaken: you by reducing core attributes by 5
  • ·Identification scroll as a ghost gave a blessing ("Phylactery: Ravinder has blessed you with phylactery, allowing you to come back from death with full health, stamina and mana once.")        
  • Tome of Acid Puddle as Skeleton gives Void Touch (+10% damage to humanoids and beasts)

Ravinder the voidsent (dark): Edit

  • ·Weapon (yellow grade) as Reaper: All items (in inventory) have been identified by Ravinder's blessing.        
  • Two handed axe, yellow grade: Curse, reduces all core attributes by 5        
  • defeated champion, and then gave Tome - Curse        
  • Spellbook (Gravelord) as Imp: Curse        
  • Spellbook (Heart Strike) as Imp: Curse        

Devyn Edit

Champion: Appears to be an Aether Bat

Minor Icon: Minor Icon of Respiration, grants Essence Burn (+10% magic damage)

Devyn the radiant (light): Edit

  • ·Holy water as zombie/skeleton/imp transforms harmful potions to helpful ones. (Undead/Humanoid for skeleton/zombie and Magical/Humanoid for Imp. Possibly Humanoid body aspect and Holy Water match, need to check with Magical/Mechanical        
  • ·Holy water as aether bat gives aether respiration (Possible beast aspect, need testing with plague rat and other bats) as Imp transforms all potions into beneficial ones        
  • ·Mana potion as aether bat gives mana burn. + 10% magic damage.        
  • ·Accessory (blue grade) as zombie gives calcification curse. (-50% mana)        
  • Tome (Body Slam, 4 Charges) as Imp: Curse        

Devyn the Fickle (dark): Edit

  • Holy Water - Transforms potions
  • Identification scroll as an aether bat curses
  • Imp - Legendary and less weapons: curses
  • Identification scroll as aether bat - all harmful potions have been transformed to be beneficial
  • Accessory (yellow grade) as Warlock gives Essence Burn blessing: "deal +10% magic damage" buff

you with half of your mana        

  • ·As Imp gave unique accessory gained Major Blessing "aether respiration"        
  • Two-Handed Axe (Common) gave a curse (Calcification: Devyn's curse reduces your mana by 50%)        
  • Cold Iron Dagger as Warlock turned all harmful potions to beneficial        
  • Tome (Body Slam, 3 Charges) as Imp: Curse        

According to a lore page, she is a fairy clad in jewelry in space. This sounds like a god of magic, try offering magic items.

Trask Edit


Minor icon:

Trask the healer (light): Edit

  • ·After breaking chest and offending, as minotaur, offered health potion and offering was found acceptable. Blessing removes all debuffs and heals you        
  • ·Holy water as a skeleton curses ("Blood curse - Trask's curse has disabled your body's ability to heal,")        
  • -Book of Zap as Aether bat removes all debuffs and heals you        
  • Book of Zap as Mortipede - All debuffs removed, and healed.        

Trask the ravager (dark): Edit

  • Yellow and better weapons - Heal, and clear debuffs        
  • Breaking torches, and giving Green weapon resulted in Blessing        
  • Gave them a yellow grade weapon (Vorpal Sword) and got healed and cured of curses.        
  • Gave him green grade boots and got a buff called "Bane of the Unnatural" +10% to undead, magical and mechanical creatures.        
  • Two handed axe of affliction (uncommon) gave me blood curse (unable to heal)        
  • Light Boots (common) as Imp gave "All debuffs have been removed and you have been healed by Trask's blessing."        
  • Stealthy Leather Armor of Endurance (Rare) was found acceptable. Blessing removes all debuffs and heals you.        
  • Two handed axe (uncommon): "gladdened by your sacrifice, you gain a minor blessing": Bane of the Unnatural, +10% damage to undead, magical, or mechanical creatures        
  • Minor icon of growth gives Bane of the Unnatural (+10% damage to undead, magical and mechanical)        

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