Potions are a collectible that can be found randomly, and given settings to randomize their appearance and effect or keep them the same. They include effects such as health, stealth, strength and other stats up and down, you can test them to find the effect or use identification magic, there are also filter potions that apply a retro filter to the game, and using these unlocks the filter in settings for the player to use at will. As of current build (1.1.6) potions are planned to be, but not currently, throwable.

12 Potions are linked to retro filters.(to be updated with pictures of item (and possibly a death card containing them)

  • GB
  • EGA
  • C64
  • Apple II
  • Commodore VIC-20
  • CGA Mode 4-1 Hi
  • CGA Mode 4-1 Lo
  • CGA Mode 4-2 Hi
  • CGA Mode 4-2 Lo
  • CGA Mode 5 Hi
  • CGA Mode 5 Lo
  • Pen & Paper
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